Using Snapchat & Social Media for Insurance Agents?!

Marija Social

Having a broad network is important for the success of any professional, especially if they deal with people, like insurance agents do. Of course you need to know all about your work and be an expert, but you also need to know different people and work on your network.

Back in the days, you would usually focus on your local community, but with new communication channels and possibilities, you don’t need to focus only on your nearest surroundings. Both when it comes to knowledge and news exchange with other agents, finding new clients or building up your own personal brand.

But which social networks should you use? There are so many! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter… and even Snapchat.

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Which Social Media Is Ok to Use as an Insurance Agent?

A short answer to this question is – all and any you can. But it is not that simple. First of all, you should not choose too many different social media networks, and then not be active. It’s better to have an active and visited Facebook page, than having 5 inactive accounts on different social media.

Secondly, it is good to know that you always need to adapt to the social media you are using. LinkedIn is a network for professionals, and it is not a place to share song videos from YouTube, unrelated jokes or food pictures.

Lastly, remember not to oversell, because people are not on Facebook or Snapchat to only view your (over the top) self-promotion. Of course, a good deal, news or tips on different services or packages you offer, smartly combined with other content is always a good idea!

Once you start getting your clients, CollaboraZon can help you keep them happy, with sharing files, commenting, scheduling different events and more.

This is also a way to keep a track over your social media activities and plans, or share it privately with people who work with you to get where you want to be on different social media.

Which Social Media Platform Is for What

It’s for everyone, from ordinary people to brands. You can start different conversations, interact with people and share different tips and news.

It’s mostly about lifestyle, food, fashion. You can share pictures and videos, as well as “Instagram Stories”, short videos or pictures that disappear in 24 hours. You can use hashtags to connect your posts with a different topic. In general, Instagram Stories are for more fun and joking content, while “ordinary” updates are more serious.

This is a highly professional network, where you should share work related content and keep more professional tone.

The world’s biggest social network, where you can share all types of content, ads, events and more. Don’t forget to be active in the comments, and keep it professional, but also casual.

Video sharing social media network where you can share all types of different videos and tutorials. Great for personal branding.

A social network where people make virtual boards where they can pin things they find on the web.

Snapchat is the social media network aimed at the younger audiences, and mostly fun and personalised content. You can use Snapchat to partner with influencers, share updates from events, share tips and stories related to your (work) day and so on.