Thrive at Work and Home: Work-life Balance Tips

Thrive at Work and Home: Work-life Balance Tips

Marija Education

Whether you’re accountant, teacher, lawyer, salesperson, insurance agent or an entrepreneur… the chances are – you face a lot of daily challenges and (micro)stress.

In this day and age, it’s a fact that people communicate faster, work more and have a pressure to perform. It’s a challenging world, and financial crisis only made it tougher to compete in the job market…

On the other hand, career is just a part of our life, with family and friends, personal development, health and rest being crucial for your happiness and wellbeing.

It might be hard to “have it all”, but it is not impossible. Especially if you know how to find a good work-life balance.

We Help You Work Smarter – We Want to Help You Live Smarter as Well!

At CollaboraZon, we are dedicated to creating a platform that helps you collaborate and work easier – sharing files, commenting, exchanging messages, creating events and more across different teams and projects. Whether you’re a student, a business owner, consultant or a teacher, our features can make your life easier – and you can register and try CollaboraZon out for free right now.

However, with this Friday blog post, we wanted to help you not just work smarter, but live smarter as well. And this is where good work-life balance comes in.

Tips for better Work-Life Balance

We are sure you’ll feel better and achieve more if you followed these 3 simple tips for work-life balance… And, by the way, many people use CollaboraZon to organize within a family or a group of friends, so we can make your life easier at home as well, not just at work.

1. Don’t Fall Into Perfectionism Trap!

It’s great that you are used to performing well and giving your best… However, many overachievers develop perfectionist tendencies that could be fulfilled at younger periods of life, when all they had to “deal with” was school, some hobbies and maybe an after-school job.
As our roles change, as we start families, as we advance in careers etc. our responsibilities scale as well! Perfectionism is out of reach, and if you insist on doing everything perfectly – it can have a totally different outcome. Sometimes even destructive.

Do your best, but remember it is more than OK to not be perfect!

2. Unplug at Least Once a Week

Technology makes our jobs easier and lives better, but it is also hard when you’re available all the time, everywhere. This is why many experts advise having a day when we unplug.

Turn off your notifications, don’t check your (work) email, even turn off your phone… A day or at least an afternoon without being constantly accessible will do you good. And we’re sure that email can wait until Monday!

3. Exercise and Have Some Physical Activity

This is healthy for your body and your mind! Try to have regular physical activity, and exercise more. It doesn’t have to be extreme sports, ultramarathon or bodybuilding drill – even a walk in a park, or a Yoga class will make you feel so much better!