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Successful collaboration – tools and tricks on how to manage an effective team cooperation

Mirjana Maksimovic Management

The main purpose of everything team related, whether it is how you choose your team members, roles withing the team, collaboration tools, cloud services, email accounts, communication apps, tasks or time frames, everything really, is about success.

The sole purpose of any team is to achieve success and deliver results. No doubt about it. Nobody works just for the time to go by or get paid for nothing.

But what is it inside his structure that actually motivates and enables individuals to cooperate, become well-integrated and efficient?

There are a few things which play an important role there.

1. Team work mentality

An employee with the team work mentality will always put the group’s best interest ahead of his or hers. In this sense, the effect of a joint effort is greater than any separate individual performance. So if a team needs to reach some goal, everyone has to work together to achieve it.

2. Clarity

Clear instructions are gold. No, really. Nothing wastes more time than weak communication channels. Having a clear platform for updating the project information, tasks, to do and/or done sections, making sure you set up your own network of collaborators, store your files in the cloud (the same way you would in any other file system), share files and information, work on them via posts and comments, and create events and meetings-are those little things which together-truly make a difference.

3. Leadership

A boss is there on the front lines. Oh, wait, right, no. A boss is someone who just expects the employees to perform. It is also a job title or just the place within the company’s hierarchy. What you want is leadership. If a leader does best to help his team achieve results, shows initiative and care, takes some of the work load upon him or herself, success is imminent.

4. Collaboration vs teamwork

We need to make sure we understand the difference between a team work and collaboration. Team members need to do their own tasks assigned to them according to their job roles and capacities. In collaboration, people work together to achieve some goal. Of course, this approaches to collaboration and teamwork are interchangeable and quite often team members need to collaborate or at least be updated at one point or another.

5. Be flexible

At each and every point of a project, try to be an active participant. At all times, everyone needs to keep the big picture perspective, no matter how invested into details of the job they become.

Another point is – never ignore mistakes. Mistakes mean that everyone has to react, and this is exactly the moment when understanding, quick and agile approach should be appreciated. Priorities might change, and this means a line of impromptu decisions, new tasks, reordering of the assignments and often stressful time management issues.

Collaboration tools and apps are very handy in these cases where you can delegate new tasks on the spot, making it much easier for your team members to react and resolve the issue. The problem solving moments are the ones in which it becomes clear how strong a team is and how powerful a leader can be. Whether we talk about a smooth project process or a more turbulent one, always try to recognize others’ contributions and the overall team’s success.

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