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How to collaborate effectively with distant stakeholders – Collaboration tools as essential team management aid

Mirjana Maksimovic Business Tips

The times are changing. Fast. We live in many worlds, and work in many forms and shapes. Teams are managed from distance, and office life is becoming more and more shifted towards the virtual sphere. This means that there are various challenges that businesses face trying to collaborate effectively with distant stakeholders. So today-collaboration tools are not just a fad. They are real necessity which will help your business succeed, give you an upper hand and here is why.

Communication issues resolved with collaboration tools

When working on a project, it has become more and more common to have communication with an external contractor company and many other external stakeholders.

Before, the entire exchange of documents and comments was done via email and forced all the participants to save different versions of the product or texts in their local file system. This proved to be a source of confusion, as documents were lost due to the duplication of files, making it difficult to keep track of conversations, stakeholders referring to different versions of the same document, etc.

In addition to this, the writing, delivery and revisions of documents were always submitted to deadlines which were not always remembered by all stakeholders as they were marked in separate calendars which were not synchronized, leading to some additional confusion.

It is exactly this issue that inspired the development of cloud collaboration tools such as CollaboraZon.

Adaptable to private and company use

Online collaboration tools such as CollaboraZon are basically websites where you can set up your own network of collaborators, store your files in the cloud (the same way you would in any other file system), share files and information, work on them via posts and comments, and create events and meetings.

But there is another upside to these. Because different organizations have different and various business or personal needs and requirements, the developers were prompted to accommodate those different needs in collaboration tools such as CollaboraZon. The goal in which they have succeeded was to offer a service for various users with the same functionalities – one for private users and one for companies.

It is always developing

Once you enter the collaboration cloud service systems, you can count on the developers to keep updating it and follow the development of technology. This puts your business on the very cutting edge of business advantages.

One of the future features is in example the logging of actions. Also, making distribution lists (that is creating different task groups) is made easier. This means that the users don’t need to share things by adding each collaborator one by one, but rather just by adding the list in the group.

Information security

In today’s world, security and reliability are vital to any business.

This is why CollaboraZon is hosted on owned servers in Europe. The Application and the Database are located on those servers and backups done daily. Soon, everything will be moved to Amazon cloud, so the users will also benefit from their even higher security, reliability and availability.

Firstly, all the files are stored in the cloud. The app uses Amazon S3 cloud servers in Europe. It benefits from all their physical and technical security. Basically, when you upload a file, it is sent to Amazon in a secure encrypted way using SSL (as signaled by the added ”s”  HTTPS in your browser).

Secondly, the administrator user is one of the app’s team members. His or her role is only to solve technical issues users might have. This means that the Administration and Support team will never be able to access data or files of the users.

Help your business operate by implementing the best collaboration tools

If you are looking for a great online tool for collaboration in your everyday business or personal operation, try CollaboraZon and get a free trial period. This is the best solution you can use as a leader to help teams collaborate and be more productive in their day-to-day tasks, with a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can make use of powerful features such as sharing files, giving feedback, exchanging messages, creating events and more, and focus on developing your clear and structured strategic plan.
And, of course-you can use it to set up and get ready for your next big project.