Manager solving a problem

Problem solving in business management

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There are many issues that may suddenly disrupt a certain business management process and require very swift and prompt problem solving skills. These may include mishaps such as technical issues, internet problems, malfunctions, crashes and/or hardware problems. Besides these, there are HR issues which can be a result of a burnout or personality clashes within a workplace, usually related to issues in the very communication channels.

It is precisely the cloud management system such as CollaboraZon which can make sure you never face these issues in the first place, as well as help in cases in which you need access to your data and coworkers, clarification and/or urgent project management.

How does CollaboraZon help your business run smoothly?

Central storage of the files

Never depend on technology, fear system crashes or hardware malfunction again! Problem solving will not even be an issue with the use of cloud management tools. CollaboraZon is an application where all documents can be stored centrally in the cloud (or in your file servers in the Enterprise version). Besides this, all the files can be downloaded to your PC to edit the content. Once edited, you can upload them again to CollaboraZon where it will automatically overwrite the previous version. CollaboraZon will generate a copy of the previous versions, allowing you to keep track of all the changes and see the history at any time.

Privacy is pivotal element of any business

Privacy is extremely important to all parties involved in a business process. This is why CollaboraZon makes sure that the files can be shared only with the specific people who have the right to see them. Sensitive material or business secrets should be protected and safe at all times, not just within your own company, but for the sake of your clients as well. Their data included in your projects and your communication is safe with those in charge alone. In the same way, you can share files and information only with those you personally choose within your teams and company.

Contemporaneous discussions and time management

If collaborators need to have a discussion, they can do this via posts and comments – as is the case with most social networks. This means that you will be able to update your team quickly and accurately, avoiding misunderstandings, mistakes, and ensuring all the documentation is in order as well as time and tasks management. Another benefit is that you can do searches for text in the posts and comments in order to easily find a conversation. You can also receive automatic notifications when someone shares a post with you or comments on one of your posts (also on a post shared with you).

Events and project management

If an event is created, it can be also shared with all people involved, ensuring that everybody is aware of the project calendar. The worst thing that can happen, even though it may usually appear as not so crucial and there is some room for maneuver left in every project, is to break deadlines. Deadlines are set with a purpose and there is a domino effect involved, meaning there are consecutive events depending upon the previous task being completed. One task being late is not such a huge problem, but as a result, the time limits may be pushed for weeks and weeks. Make sure each and every date is clearly set and understood by all the parties involved, including reminders and updates.

Help your business operate by implementing the best collaboration tools

If you are looking for a great online tool for collaboration in your everyday business or personal operation, try CollaboraZon and get a free trial period. This is the best solution you can use as a leader to help teams collaborate and be more productive in their day-to-day tasks, with a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can make use of powerful features such as sharing files, giving feedback, exchanging messages, creating events and more, and focus on developing your clear and structured strategic plan.
And, of course-you can use it to set up and get ready for your next big project.