(Unlimited collaborators + 25 GB storage)

Register for free and collaborate with as much people as you want with no limitation of time. You get 25 GB of storage free to save all your files.

If you decide that you need more storage click the “Upgrade” button in any place of the application or visit your profile page and upgrade your plan.

Check out our pricing below

2 €/month
Unlimited collaborators*
50 GB of storage
10 €/month
Unlimited collaborators
2 TB of storage
40 €/month
50 collaborators
4 TB of storage

Click “Register” to create a FREE account and then upgrade your plan inside the application

Are you an enterprise?

If you do not want to store the files of your company at our cloud you can ask us for a local installation, you will host the application and the file storage at your own servers.

Or maybe you want us to host a private instance of the application only for use of your company users.

Any possible combination can be discussed! Please ask us for our Enterprise plans at Contact Page





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