LinkedIn Tips for Accountants: Reach More People

LinkedIn Tips for Accountants: Reach More People

Marija Accounting

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for work, with over 450 million users worldwide. As we work and connect globally across the borders, and the Internet makes it possible to find and work with new clients easier than ever, you should not miss out on the opportunities that LinkedIn gives you.

What LinkedIn Profile Should Be, and Why You Need It

LinkedIn profile is a way to connect with different people – potential clients, partners, colleagues and friends. It is also a way to show your skills, interests and career experience. It’s a combination of personal presentation, list of recommendations, your own website and a sales pitch.

Why you need it? Because you can get a lot from networking. Here is our blog post on why networking is important for accountants.

And if you wish to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile, read our tips for that in this post!

1) Professional Profile Picture

Your profile photo should show your face, and it should look professional but not too forced or fake. Try to smile, and make sure it looks professional – no distracting background, inappropriate outfits, drinks etc.

2) Short Introduction

LinkedIn lets you tell a story about yourself, and that’s exactly what you should do. Use the short introduction to have a description of your experience, goals and skills. Try to really tell a story – not just list different facts. LinkedIn should not only be used to list facts. Try to get people interested in you, both professionally and as a person.

3) Describe Your Experiences

Don’t just list your previous work experiences and positions. Use the space to briefly describe what you were doing, what you achieved and a bit about the company you worked for as well. Don’t write too much either, try to be concise – people don’t have time or interest to read too much information.

4) Try to Get Recommendations

It’s always helpful if you can get your colleagues, clients or managers to leave a reference on your profile. This gives you additional credibility and is usually a big plus. Yes, this means you might need to contact them and ask them for a recommendation, but it is worth it.

5) Share Useful Information and Be Active

Remember to also be active. LinkedIn should always be up to date, even if you are not actively looking for another job or a change in your career. Also, it is great to be positive and interact with others – be active in groups, leave thoughtful comments or advices, congratulate people on changes in their career…

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