Insurance Agent Tips- Questions to Ask Your Customers

Insurance Agent Tips: Questions to Ask Your Customers

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Asking the right question at the right time is not only the best way to learn more about your clients and understand their needs, so you can offer them insurance solutions that work best for them. It is also crucial for your success in keeping your clients happy, as well as up-selling at a certain point.

Remember that you should never stop communicating with your clients after the sale is closed, but constantly work to keep them happy.

1) What do you like the best about your previous insurance agent and the job that he or she was doing?

This is a way to find out what the client values, while you are keeping it positive. (Note, you should never ask what they didn’t like or hated with their previous insurance agent or company!) However, this can also lead to clients sharing what they actually didn’t like.

2) Would you recommend our agency to someone else? If so, why?

This is a way to see what your clients are happy about. Recommendation is valued like the best signal for someone being happy with a service or a product.

Alternatively, you can also ask them if they have any friends or contacts that could be interested in getting insurance, which is a good way to get more leads and extend your network.

3) What can we improve?

This is not always easy to ask, but you should never take it personally, and look at it more as a chances for improvements. Don’t be afraid to ask if there is something you or the company could do better. This can be both useful feedback for you to improve, or even an up-selling point. For instance, something they would like could already be included in another package which you can switch them to.

4) What are three main benefits you’ve experienced from the insurance plan?

This is also a way to see what people value the most, and it can also be an up-selling point. For instance, if they say they like that they have a discount for a travel insurance, you can offer them a package that’s a bit more expensive, but comes with free travel insurance, which is great deal for them because they travel a lot.

5) Will you decide immediately after my proposal presentation concludes?

This is a question you could try during your first presentation to potential clients. It is a way to battle delayed decision in advance. If they seem indecisive, you can also include a comparison of how your offer is superior to the other offers they may receive.

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