Get the Most Out of 2018 – Productivity Hacks for School, Work and Life

Get the Most Out of 2018 – Productivity Hacks for School, Work and Life

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2018 is just around the corner, and people across the world have been doing a good portion of reflecting in the last few weeks. Then there’s been a lot of presents, shopping and of course Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the end of November. However, besides all the shopping, giving and celebrating, and besides looking back to the (soon) past year of 2017, a lot of us are looking at the year of 2018 that lies in front of us.

For CollaboraZon, it’s been an exciting period, especially when it comes to empowering more and more people to achieve more, collaborate better and be more organized. This is our passion, our main accomplishment and our main goal: to be there for you to do more and work smarter. At your school or university, at your job or in your life in general.

This is why we wanted to share some tips that can help you get the most out of your 2018, whether it is for school, business and career or life in general. And remember, every goal is reachable if you break the journey into small steps and work towards it!

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Productivity Hacks for School and University

Whether you’re in high school or college, you need both great time management skills, planning and you need to be a good learner. This is why we wanted to focus on hacks that make you learn better, instead of focusing on productivity tips – some of which are universal, so you can “copy” them from “work” and “life” parts.

Create habits that help you learn better. Look at this way: you can train your body to do more, for instance run faster. You can also train your mind to do more, and for this, you need to have some healthy habits like physical activity, relaxation and meditation, getting good sleep and so on.

Learn how to learn. Find a friend, work with mind maps, connect with existing knowledge and so on. There are many great ways to enhance the learning process. Find the right ones for you.

Productivity Hacks for Work

Work is a great part of our lives, and being better at what you do doesn’t only improve your chances of advancing in career, earning better or getting bonuses, but also makes you feel better, more confident and happier. Here are some tips to make you more productive at your work.

Track and limit time. Track and limit how much time you use on different tasks. This helps you have a better understanding over your work day and processes. Maybe you think that you’re good at guessing this, but researches show that only 17% of people can acurately estimate this.

Take regular breaks. It’s not good for you or your work to be exhausted. Take regular breaks, as this also helps you get fresh perspective besides helping you stay in your best shape. Another great way to do this is to work in 90-minute intervals.

Be more proactive and less reactive. If you only react – for instance on calls, emails, instructions… your workday will be defined by those (often random) events. If you take a more proactive role in shaping your day, you’ll be more organised and productive.

Productivity Hacks for Life

Focus. Choose 3 most important goals for the given day, and execute them. Focusing on a few things instead of twenty will make you feel better, be productive and actually motivate you to do more. Also, remember – if you do 3 things per day, it’s more than 1000 things within a year. Sounds like a good resolution, right?

Remove distractions. Try to go “off” a bit from time to time. Many CEO’s call this “airplane time”, because of putting your phone on airplane mode working on something important. This can help you relax as well, so feel free to disconnect from time to time!

Commit to a process, not a goal.
Try to create systems, and not goals. Meaning, instead of saying I want to loose XY kilos or pounds, you should actually make a healthy diet and exercise plan, and stick to it. Results come if you follow the plans. And this is a way to be more productive and happier as well, as you won’t be as focused on what you need to achieve, or what you don’t have, but rather on following your plan, doing well at this given moment.

Celebrate. Remember to celebrate each and every small and big success and lesson!