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Mirjana Maksimovic Business Tips

Information is gold, the old saying goes. And now, more than ever, there is an ongoing need for all tasks to be completed effectively and in a timely manner. Effective teamwork can hence be defined as a mutual effort of each and every individual team member conducted with a sense of responsibility, simultaneously and consecutively within a given and predetermined time frame.

Issues related to effective teamwork

  • Delegation
  • Timeliness
  • Reminders, Notifications, Events
  • Deadlines
  • Clarity and file sharing
  • Modification

1. Delegation

Delegation of assignments is a part of an effective management and can be considered as the initial and most important step in any working process. The management has to know capacities of their team members and delegate assignments accordingly. And it is up to management to enable team members to work efficiently and use the latest tools available for good teamwork.

2. Timeliness

It is sometimes very difficult to manage timelines and to submit projects on time. Window of time is usually left in cases of emergency, and it is better to leave this space around the official deadline. Why? Some final touches are always needed, and also-a little bit of flexibility can enhance team members’ job satisfaction and reduce stress, meanwhile enhancing the overall job productivity.

3. Reminders

An essential part of cloud services is necessary and provided by some more advanced collaboration tools. When team members are placed in several projects at once, it is highly likely that some deadlines or events might be missed or excluded. Automatization of the work processes is the perfect solution in this case. Just enable reminders for deadlines and events, and the projects will basically complete themselves.

Events can be a crucial help when organizing your work or just to remind you of an important deadline. They are added to your calendar and can be shared with multiple collaborators.

Reminders will be sent to you, and your collaborators sharing the same event, on the date of the event at midnight, 30 min and 5 min before the event.

You can do searches for events, names and descriptions in order to locate them easily in the calendar.

Apart from the reminders, you will receive notifications when someone shares an event with you and when an event is edited or removed. Notifications are sent by email and shown inside the application. Email notifications can be disabled at any time.

4. Deadlines

Be objective. Collaboration tools such as CollaboraZon enable each team member to track progress of the entire group, to help out or jump in when needed. Even though all team members have their individual tasks, there are cases when some information is required or misplaced. To avoid this, and consequently breaking the deadline, online and cloud team collaboration services are an excellent addition to your business.

5. Clarity and file sharing

Files are more than often updated over 10 times at least. Especially in cases of longer projects, the newest versions of documents need to be available to all team members in real time. This cloud network needs to be easily accessible and it has to be clear who has access to what and why.

Using cloud management team collaboration tools such as CollaboraZon, you can create your own spaces and subspaces as you would with regular folders and subfolders on your desktop computer or laptop. These spaces then can be shared with multiple collaborators. This is done in exactly the same way you would with your posts. Other users can do the same and share their spaces with you and your shared spaces appear in separate section.

6. Modification

Like we said, files are often modified, and more than once. Tracking is a challenge. If team members are not being at all times brought up to speed, misunderstandings and waste of time will be the obvious result. Files sometimes share similar names or can be lost or accidentally deleted or misplaced.

With cloud services, files of any format are uploaded in your spaces or spaces shared with you. The uploaded files are shared with the collaborators sharing the same space. Only the person who uploaded the file and the owner of the space are the owners of the file and are able to remove it.

Spaces have a name and a description, allowing you to specify and give details on what the space will contain. The same is true for files; apart from the file name with extension, you can assign a more user friendly name and a more detailed description to a particular file.

Help your team keep track of all the data by implementing the best collaboration tools

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