collaborazon is an effective team management tool

CollaboraZon – a tool for effective business and team management

Mirjana Maksimovic CollaboraZon

The best solutions are usually those that come directly from experience, need and practice. The best solutions are those platforms and innovations that aim at solving a specific challenge, issue or help speed up the overall business dynamics and effectiveness. This was the case with CollaboraZon, all-in-one collaboration, file sharing and productivity platform for teams of all sizes.

The key problem of collaboration today is that teams are becoming less and less local, and consequently, the work is becoming more and more outsourced. People who are now working together on projects are chosen based on merit and expertise, enhancing overall results and raising professional bars in many different disciplines.

But this also means that resources available need to be well-organized, the data must be clear and concise and above all-available at any time to each and every team member. With large number of updates, documents being edited and information load mounting up, time is of the essence. Being clear and having necessary information at the right time is now largely enabled by cloud oriented applications and different permissions attributions.

What is CollaboraZon?

CollaboraZon is basically an application where all documents needed for a project and day-to-day operations can be stored. These data are stored centrally in the cloud (or in your file servers in the Enterprise version) and can be shared with the people who have the right to see them. If collaborators need to discuss some matter in example, they can easily do this via posts and comments – as is the case with most social networks. If an event is created, it can be also shared with all people involved, ensuring that everybody is aware of the project calendar.

On CollaboraZon, you can set up your own specific network of collaborators, store all your files in the cloud (the same way you would in any other file system), and then share those files and any additional information. You have the possibility to work on your files in real-time via posts and comments. Moreover, you get to also use the special features such as creating events and meetings.

Different organizations have different needs, which is exactly the reason why two different versions of CollaboraZon were created, both containing the same functionalities – one for private users (hosted and documents stored on the cloud) and one for companies (hosted and documents stored on the company servers). By recognizing the different needs of different users, team collaboration tools such as this one enable teams to function from afar, operating at the level of efficiency that can compete with working at the same physical office.

CollaboraZon as a social network

CollaboraZon app and website differ from other social networks in the way posts are shared. Exclusively people whom you have chosen among your collaborators list will be able to see the post and comment on it. Privacy is the key issue here. Another great feature is that you have the option to post and have individual conversations with each collaborator who is allowed access and able to share the post.

If we compare this principle to the way our emails work, it is a lot like the BCC address line in your Email client works: You share the information with 5 people, but your conversation is only visible to the one you are communicating with and who will not even know you are sharing this information with someone else.

Help your team connect by implementing the best collaboration tools

If you are looking for a great online tool for collaboration in your everyday business or personal operation, try CollaboraZon and get a free trial period. This is the best solution you can use as a leader to help teams collaborate and be more productive in their day-to-day tasks, with a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can make use of powerful features such as sharing files, giving feedback, exchanging messages, creating events and more, and focus on developing your clear and structured strategic plan.

And, of course-you can use it to set up and get ready for your next big project.