people use cloud system and organize work

Working on clouds – how to change your business and become more effective

Mirjana Maksimovic Business Tips

Business management today is full of challenges. This is a direct result of a dispersed workforce, outsourcing, but also of a general tendency for the internationalization of work. Many companies now focus on online systems and use them for sales, communication, or creating leads. These activities within an organization need to be tracked and managed on the go, which means all participants need access, and all updates need to be contemporaneous and momentary. Old systems simply do not work anymore, emails are confusing or prone to mistakes, but here is what you need to focus on to change your business and become more effective.

Set up the basics

You need a website where you can set up your own network of collaborators, store your files in the cloud (the same way you would in any other file system), share files and information, work on them via posts and comments, and create events and meetings.

Different organizations have different needs. Also, there is a different need for the same functionalities. Work and business management and administration, team collaboration and reporting are not the same if you are a private user and if you are a company. You will need the same system, but different approach.

There are some amazing applications that will help your team to collaborate more effectively and taking care of introducing all the new technological innovations for you, working on new useful functionalities to improve your user experience.

Tools and tricks of business and project management

Here is what you want in your collaboration and project tools:

  • Sharing lists: no need to select your collaborators one by one when sharing a post, space/file or event; you can create lists with the collaborators of a project and share it directly to this list.
  • API (Application Programming Interface): if you need to develop an application and want to use the functionalities (i.e. to use the website’s storage system), you want a website that can provide you with an API so you can focus on your business and use that system for the rest.
  • Mobile app: Your cloud system needs to be compatible with smartphones and the most used web browsers. However, it is even better to have an application which enables clients to use the system anytime, anywhere.
  • Logging of actions: You need to receive notifications on many actions, however if you are registered as the administrator of your company, you want to be able to track any action done on your files and more.

Collaboration cloud services vs. Regular cloud services

There are many social networks and cloud storage services on the market. We all know the examples of Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.; just to mention some of the biggest. They are really good at what they do but they do not cover all the needs of any company needing to collaborate with a spread team.

What is so different?

  • you can store files in some, but not to post and comment; or
  • you can post and comment, but not store files in a proper file system
  • their servers are for the main part abroad
  • having outside servers endangers the security of your data and
  • their enterprise versions are not hosted on your company servers

So what to do?

CollaboraZon brings all these aspects together. It allows you to store and share your files in an orderly and secure way, whilst giving you the opportunity to liaise with your collaborators in the same direct and fluid way you would on a regular social network.

Help your team keep track of all the data by implementing the best collaboration tools

If you are looking for a great online tool for collaboration in your everyday business or personal operation, try CollaboraZon and get a free trial period. This is the best solution you can use as a leader to help teams collaborate and be more productive in their day-to-day tasks, with a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can make use of powerful features such as sharing files, giving feedback, exchanging messages, creating events and more, and focus on developing your clear and structured strategic plan.
And, of course-you can use it to set up and get ready for your next big project.