5 Tips for Bookkeepers to Delight Their Customers

Marija Accounting

#1 Take Your Client’s Worries

There are two main things the most clients look for at their accountants. The first is trust and security – it’s crucial that you know what you are doing and that they feel they can rely on you 100%. Take their worries away.

#2 Give Your Clients Their Free Time Back

The other thing they look for is more time. If they can rely on you, it also means that you should completely take care of everything regarding bookkeeping, so they do not have to deal with that. That’s one of the main values the most clients need. They can use the time they saved for business improvements, new contacts, or simply taking a break and recharging.

#3 Provide Your Clients With Helpful (Free) Resources

This is something you should do not only for your clients, but for everyone, as it’s a way of building your brand. Become a reliable expert and share tricks, tips and free tools and resources that help small and medium size businesses grow and thrive – both when it comes to bookkeeping and business in general.

#4 Collaborate and Provide Your Clients With Extra Value

Try to act as if you were their business partner, and not “just” an adviser. If you see the opportunity for them to save money or expend, if you have some useful tip to help them grow their business – don’t be afraid to share those advice. The clients will definitely appreciate it, just beware of being too persistent in a negative way or stepping over the line.

#5 Give Your Clients Access

This is something that is really important. You should try and give your clients their free time and completely take over the bookkeeping operations, so they can focus on other things – but it is also important to remember to keep them updated.  You should do this in regular weekly or monthly reports, but also by giving them access to the files and documents, so they can access them at any time.

This makes the whole process more transparent and comfortable for the client, plus they do not have to ask you for every single small thing they would like to check, since it’s all available in the cloud. And let’s be honest, this can also make your life much easier.

CollaboraZon is very popular among accountants as it gives the possibility of sharing documents, giving feedback, setting up events and much more at one place. The intuitive and user-friendly design makes it easy to use for the clients as well, even if they are not too tech savvy. You can try it out for free here.