5 Smart Organization Tips for Busy Families

5 Smart Organization Tips for Busy Families

Marija Organization

With many things always going on, fast pace of life and different daily challenges, it is hard to organize yourself, whether you’re a student, entrepreneur or small or medium size business, employee, parent… And it gets even harder when you need to coordinate and organize the whole family. Kids have their school, different after-school activities, homeworks… You have work and parent’s meeting and family duties… And then the house doesn’t clean itself, and food won’t jump out of the oven by itself… And what about your social life? And fun family activities? We know it can be seriously tough!

That’s why we have gathered these tips that could help.

#1 Downsize, Downsize and Downsize

Get rid of anything you don’t use or need. Old shampoo bottles and skin care products keep piling up and crowding the bathroom and cabinets. You should only keep what you actually use. This way, you will also save some time by not picking up and checking old, empty bottles or testing if there is there is any toothpaste left in one of those old packages…

#2 Stockpile Basic School Supplies

Some extra pencils, pens, notebooks and school necessities can always come in handy when you have school kids running around. Having some extra school supplies will spare you running to the store last minute because of an assignment.

#3 Make Lists and Keep a Calendar

It’s almost impossible to be productive without having a clear plan! Make to-do lists and prioritise. Keep a family calendar with all appointments and different activities.

CollaboraZon can help you do it online, and share with your family easily, so everyone has the access all the time. Create events, comment, share files and more! And the best thing is – you can register now and try it for free for a month, to see if it’s a fit for your family!

An extra tip is to revisit your plans regularly – every morning for that day, every Sunday for the following week, and in the beginning of every month for the general monthly plan. There’s no point in having plans if you don’t use them, right?

#4 Have a Place for Everything

Misplaced stuff only gets in the way and clutter is bad for productivity… Designate a place for mail, backpacks, school work, work files or items, coupons… You will know where to find what you need, and there’ll be so much less confusion!

#5 Ask for Ideas and Opinions

You don’t have to organize and “fix” everything alone. Your family members can contribute as well! It will be easier for you, they will fill better and everyone would try to work harder on making it happen if they were included.

In the end, working together is what families are about.
Good luck and don’t forget to plan some time to enjoy together as well!