5 Habits of Highly Effective Insurance Agents

5 Habits of Highly Effective Insurance Agents

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Success is never an overnight thing – it needs time and effort to grow. The good thing is, you can learn yourself to become more productive and achieve more by developing certain habits most highly effective insurance agents have.

It goes like this: in the beginning, something is a conscious effort. You’ve made a decision and set your goals, so you put in energy to stick to the plan. However, it will become more of a habit as the time goes. In the end, you’ll not even be aware of all the things you do on a regular basis, that make you a lot more successful!

Here are some things we suggest you try:


#1 Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up… Without Being Annoying!


The best agents have a habit of regularly following up with their prospects. So you didn’t close the deal the first time? This does not necessarily mean that you can’t close it in the future.


Good moment for doing a follow-up is when there is a special discount or a good offer available for a limited time. Also, even without new offers, a quarterly follow-up is not something that will annoy your prospects. But remember not to cross the line of being too persistent.


#2 Planning


Any successful individuals, business owners and companies know that it is as important to work on developing their business, as well as doing the actual work they do. Try to take your time to have weekly, monthly and quarterly plans.


CollaboraZon helps you create different events and reminders, as well as share files, notes, add comments and more. You can try it for free and plan more and be more productive right away.


Set your goals, measure the success and revisit what you’ve planned on a regular basis. What were your sales goals and marketing strategies? What have you achieved? Can this be improved? Could you do something better and what have you learned on potential mistakes you’ve made?


#3 Accountability


It’s highly important to be accountable for implementation of any and all arrangements and promises you make to your clients as an insurance agent. Speaking of insurance agencies, it’s also important to have systems that make it easier to assign and follow up on the completion of responsibilities.


#4 Over deliver and Always Go That Extra Mile


Always provide your clients with the best possible service. Try to go back to them with immediate and meaningful solutions or answers to any questions, request or problems that may arise. Clients will appreciate those “above and beyond” moves, and in the end, outstanding service is what separates good and extraordinary agents.


#5 Be Personal


Small things like personal thank you notes, personalized e-mails and messages is something that doesn’t cost you anything, but provides added value for your clients. Treat your clients like people and not numbers, and they will definitely appreciate this.