4 Time Management Tips for Insurance Agents

4 Time Management Tips for Insurance Agents

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Being an insurance agent is though – there is a lot of work you put into prospecting, networking, planning, meeting clients, keeping in touch, keeping up to date… And that is one more reason why time management is crucial. Basically, it’s not your goal to work harder, but smarter. And you should never mix up being busy with being successful.

Here are some tips on how to organize better and manage your time smarter, and remember to check out our blog post on 5 habits of highly effective insurance agents.

#1 Automate What You Can

Doing routine tasks over and over again can easily take a lot of your time and energy. You can find different CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs to help automate most of those tasks and get your precious time back.

Email marketing is easy to automate, and if you convert enough leads into clients successfully it can be a good investment that will pay for itself, and eventually bring profit as well.

#2 Schedule Time for Prospecting

Prospecting is an important part of your work as an insurance agent, and you need to set aside time for this particular activity so it becomes a habit. The more qualified leads that you convert into clients – the higher the earning. We recommend you to create referral reward program, embrace technology and basically try out any lead generation trick in the book to see what works best for you.

However, when you take your time for prospecting and schedule when you do it, it will in most cases make you work more effectively and save your time by keeping you focused, instead of trying to multitask and do both prospecting and other tasks at the same time.

#3 Keep One Calendar

It’s best to have a single integrated calendar that will help you organize your work days, as well as private life. Maybe there is an event you need to attend, a meeting with a client or simply a move-in party you don’t want to miss. Having a single calendar to have an overview over all these different aspects of your work and daily life is a great way not to “overbook” yourself and to avoid any overlappings.

Speaking about the calendar, it is crucial that you are always on time and never miss your appointed meetings. Insurance has a lot to do with trust, and trust is built through responsibility. Your (potential) clients need to know that they can rely on you, so that you can base your relationship on trust.

#4 Delegate if You Can

There are different things that you do, that could probably be delegated. Take, for instance, sorting out e-mails, answering more typical inquiries, making offers and sending them out… these are all tasks that can be delegated.

If you can find a good VAT (Virtual Assistant), it is a great and cost effective way to do this. There are VATs working for around $3 per hour, which is a bargain if you can use that time you saved to find new clients.

CollaboraZon Can Help You Work Smarter

Working with VATs or even communicating with your clients, you can use CollaboraZon to do more in less time. It lets you create events, give feedback and communicate as well as share files easily and intuitively. Try it out for free, and see how it can save you a lot of time and energy!