3 Crucial Business Coach Tips

3 Crucial Business Coach Tips

Marija Business Tips

Business Coaching is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. It gives you chances to learn and grow, and it is flexible. You can work from your home, you can work from clients’ offices, while traveling or from your own office or a coworking space. You can also earn very well. And although you should go for the career you love, not the money, business coaching can be a lucrative business.

Here are 3 crucial tips for being a good business coach!

Develop Communication Skills and Never Stop Working on Them

In business coaching, communication is everything, and you need to communicate well. Learn to be assertive, to say what you mean in a positive, yet clear way. But communication goes both ways, so this means you need to be a good listener, and ask the right questions.

But communication is not just face-to-face talks or phone calls. Nowadays, technology makes it possible to collaborate across time zones and countries, but you shouldn’t stop on email. CollaboraZon lets you share documents, comment, create events and more. Being tech savvy and using tools like CollaboraZon will also leave a good impression on your clients, while saving you a lot of time and making the whole process efficient. Register here, and try a free month!

Accept Constructive Criticism as a Positive

Look at (constructive) criticism as a chance for improvements. Basically, someone can show you where or what you should work on – and that’s just great, right?

This is why you shouldn’t take it negatively, but accept it and see what you can learn from it.

Even more so, you should actively ask your clients, colleagues and people you interact with for feedback.

Develop a Network and Support Structure

It’s always great to have someone to lean on – and coaches need someone to lean on and ask for an advice as well!

Try to be a resource manager, to work on building up your network and be aware of how important it is.

Like with communication, this also goes both ways. You should look at networking as a way to get help, but also give help. Try to help others with tips, advices or contacts whenever you can. Besides, this is also a way for you to brand yourself and find new clients for your coaching business.

Good luck!